The Year of the Goat

Chinese-New-Year-2015The 2015 Chinese New Year is fast approaching us. St Chad’s High School, as a Confucius Classroom, will hold its annual China Week during the Chinese New Year period. From 9th February, our school will celebrate this most important and traditional Chinese festival. This time we welcome the Chinese Year of the Goat.

During China Week, our Year Group Assemblies will be conducted by the Chinese teachers who will introduce the history and traditions of the Chinese New Year festival. Our Chinese teachers will run some hands-on workshops during lunch times and we will receive some external visitors who will come to our school to deliver some spectacular workshops, including kung fu, lion dancing, Chinese calligraphy, water-colour painting and traditional Chinese Ribbon Dances.

Join us for a lot of fun, joy and celebration and get stuck in with typical relish and enthusiasm to some Chinese culture and history.

Singing for Success!

Olivia-TringhamJan15A student from St Chad’s Catholic and Church Of England Language College has been accepted to study voice at the prestigious Royal Northern College of Music.

Olivia Tringham, aged 18, has been studying singing with vocal tutor Kate Smith for 7 years. Following an autumn of auditions at various music conservatoires across the country, Olivia discovered she had been accepted to RNCM, her preferred establishment, after her first audition.

Olivia says, “Singing is what I’ve always wanted to do, and after lots of hard work, I couldn’t be happier to be one step closer to achieving my dreams."

After passing two different Grade VIII vocal exams, Olivia was entered by Miss Smith to take her Vocal Diploma in December. The Vocal Diploma is a university level qualification and Olivia gained an incredible 95% in the examination! Being approved at this level means that Olivia now has letters after her name and is permitted to use the title DipLCM.

Alongside these fantastic achievements, Olivia is also a valued member of the Philharmonic Youth choir, where she has regularly been awarded roles as a soloist.

Head of School Mrs Burke says, “We are extremely proud of Olivia and her achievements. She has exceptional vocal talent and I am sure that she will be a great success in the future.”

Developing Primary Links

primarylinksHere at St Chad’s we have been busy developing primary links. Mark Jones with the help of Kath Dursley has been working hard getting out into our local primary schools. Year 5 students at St Edward’s have had access to some fantastic practical sessions including Boxercise, Kin-Ball and many more activities designed to improve confidence and team work skills. These sessions have been delivered to them in their own schools over a number of weeks with their final session taking place here at St Chad’s. This has given the students a taste of our school and has also allowed them to experience the excellent and unique facilities including wheelchair sports and a state-of-the-art indoor climbing wall.

Many of these students are now excited to have the chance of joining our community and having regular access to such remarkable facilities and staff.