GCSE results!

ResultsPeopleGCSEDespite government warnings about the massive changes to GCSEs this year producing ‘variability’ and 'volatility' for schools’ results, an initial analysis shows that students have achieved highly at St.Chad’s. Students who achieved exceptionally well are Victoria Begley with 8A*/A grades, Sam Derbyshire 8A*/A, Rebekah Hanrey 10 A*/A, Kiayah Nolan 10 A*/A, Murphy Ryan 8A*/A, Amy Smith 9A*/A, David Thomas 8A*/A and Lauren Whelan 10A*/A. Headteacher Andrew Keeley said, ‘I am delighted as always for each student achieving their targets at whatever level they were aiming for. The students above achieved superbly but there were many other individual successes as well. As a Confucius Classroom school, a centre of excellence for the teaching of Mandarin Chinese, students took GCSE Chinese for the first time which nationally is a very difficult course to pass never mind achieve a high grade, but all students entered at St.Chad’s achieved A or B grades! Due to the popularity of St.Chad’s, over the summer we have made further improvements to the school’s facilities and taken on 10 additional staff to continue to make the school even better.’

Higher Education Success!

The item below this one celebrates the A Level success of St.Chad’s students but we always encourage our students to think beyond GCSEs and A Levels and aim for the very highest they can in terms of higher education and careers. I am always delighted when I am informed of past St.Chad’s students who have achieved highly from the excellent start they had here and was pleased to receive this week the first of the many letters I receive from universities letting us know of former St.Chad’s students’ successes. The three students that have been commended from Edge Hill University in this case are:

Charlotte Gerard 1st Class BA (Hons) Health and Social Well-Being

Daniel Conroy 2:1 BSC (Hons) Web Systems Development

Penny Davies 2:1 BA (Hons) English

Well done to Charlotte, Danny and Penny (pictured)! All of our students, whether they are in Year 13 or Year 7 should aspire to the example of our alumni! Well done to the staff of St.Chad’s who gave these three and many others such a good education.


Examination Success!

alevelresults14There was much to celebrate for St.Chad’s 6th Form when they came in for their examination results. There were some outstanding results for students in the Lower and Upper 6th with many of the older students achieving grades that will allow them entry into university to study their chosen courses in Economics, Law, Chemistry, Education, Marketing, Nursing and many others. The school was also celebrating the completion of improved facilities and course offers for students. Headteacher Andrew Keeley said,’ I am very proud of and pleased for all the students in achieving excellent results. In a year where it has been widely acknowledged that exam boards have been told to raise A Level grade boundaries to make it harder to pass, St.Chad’s students have achieved highly, including gaining the rare A* grade. We are continuing to improve the 6th Form offer at St.Chad’s and students returning to the school in September will see a marked difference in facilities and courses. As a Language College and Confucius Classroom, it is pleasing that we achieved A Level A*/A grades in Chinese and Polish for the second year running. Students from all Halton schools are welcome to enrol at St.Chad’s and should contact the school for details or come into school on GCSE results day or the week beginning the 1st of September to enrol.’

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