USA Trip - Easter 2015

usa15Easter saw 47 pupils and 6 staff make the long journey to Los Angeles and New York for an 8 day trip. This follows in a long line of transatlantic trips St. Chad’s have been on in the past few years. Setting off from Manchester on a Saturday morning we traversed time zones, headed west and arrived in LA in time for a traditional diner meal late on Saturday night as jetlag took its toll! Here pupils began to sample the contrasting cityscapes and ways of life. Los Angeles offered touristic delights such as warm sunny weather, Hollywood’s “Walk of Fame” with its many stars on the pavement (or should I say sidewalk?), Universal Studios with its thrill rides and movie based attractions whilst Beverly Hills offered exclusive shopping and Santa Monica a beautiful idyllic beach and themes of the 1960’s. Here pupils enjoyed burgers on Santa Monica Pier at the end of Route 66 before heading towards the psychedelic Venice Beach. Following three days in LA we left the hotel at 4.30am on Tuesday to head east to New York……

usa15v2On landing at Newark Airport in New Jersey we were immediately struck by the sight of the world famous Manhattan cityscape in the distance. New York as opposed to LA was densely packed and busy with what seemed to be a 24hr working day. It offered us its world famous urban attractions such as Times Sq (where we were based), the Empire State (although the view was somewhat ruined by a very cloudy night!), The Statue of Liberty, Central Park and 5th Avenue. We also visited the poignant 9/11 Museum that is housed within the foundations of the original buildings destroyed back in 2001 where 2,996 people were killed. This visit in particular proved very emotional for staff and students alike due to the variety of “real life” personal possessions and stories on offer. The pupils were taken by the fact that ordinary people would turn up for work one day, never to return to their loved ones. Pupils showed great respect in this museum even though at the time of the disaster most would have been only just born and not aware of its significance for many years.

Overall the trip was enjoyed by all and even though few slept much (including the staff) because of the hectic schedule I think they all agreed it was a trip of a lifetime and many are keen to return one day with their families. Finally I would like to thank all the staff who gave their time over Easter to help out on the trip, it was much appreciated by pupils and myself in particular!

Mr.Duckers (Group Leader)

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Year 11 Accident Acting Course

accident1St Chad's Year 11 have recently been involved with the joint services accident acting course.  The course was founded some 17 years ago by Dr Mark Forrest, Consultant in Anaesthetics and Intensive Care, Medical Director for Cheshire Fire and Rescue Services and of course Founder of ATACC.  Dr Forrest first wrote the course as he felt that Trauma Care in this country needed to be greatly improved upon and the only way to do this would be to provide comprehensive training from “Roadside to Critical Care” for Doctors, Nurses, Fire-fighters, Paramedics and Police.
The course was held at Cheshire Fire Headquarters Training Centre in Winsford. The pupils had the opportunity to have professional Casualty Simulation make-up  which gave the appearance of various wounds, cuts, open fractures and serious burns. The role of our pupils was to be the injured victims in the various scenarios.  
The pupils took part on the Saturday as this was the day that they ran the “Major Incident”.  There were six scenarios running at the same time:
·        Water Treatment Works Explosion Site
·        Motorway Crash
·        Casualty Clearing Tent
·        Command and Control
·        Ambulances
·        A&E Resus
The course had candidates attending from all over the world – three from as far as Australia!   It is a fantastic course and who knows when ourselves or one of our loved ones may need treating at the side of the road so it is also very worthwhile for the actors.
The director commended our pupils as did many of the other professionals for their exemplary acting and behaviour.  It was a fantastic day and such a valuable experience.

Mr Langton