Consultation Day - Years 7 & 8

Our first Parent Consultation Day for this academic year will take place on Thursday 26 November. This is a key date as it is important for you to take an opportunity to meet your child’s subject staff and to agree targets to help them to continue to make progress as they move through Key Stage 3. The day begins at 9.00am and will finish at 7.00pm. Bookings for the day can be made through the Insight Parent Portal or by contacting the school and speaking to Ann Stevenson.

Year 9 and Sixth Form students will be in school for this day taking part in activities involving external agencies and Year 10 and 11 students will be at home working on projects for Maths and English. In addition to attending their appointments with parents Year 7 and 8 students will also have a task to complete at home on the day.

Year 10 Maths work for the day can be downloaded here

ASPIRE Navigational Success!

During our Michaelmas term our ASPIRE course has seen students following an intensive navigation course leading to the acquisition of a Young star navigation award.

This required students to learn about waymarked routes and eventually build up the knowledge and expertise necessary to plan and then follow their own routes to safely get themselves across rural terrain, using maps and compasses. The day expeditions were carried out on a weekly basis with students reviewing their own progress before planning for their next challenge.

All students achieved the award to their own appropriate level but special commendations must go to Alex Maddock, Nathan Holloran, Kieran Doyle, Alex Orme, Simon Walker in Year 13 and Sabrina Gallimore in Year 12 who all achieved the Bronze NNAS award which is within the adult version of the scheme and a real achievement!


Health Support Information

Our named School Nurse, Dawn Antrobus, will be available to offer health support to all pupils attending St Chad’s. This support can be accessed via an on-site, confidential drop-in service every Friday morning (9:30am -11:30am). Appointments from 9:30am – 11:00am can be booked in advance by pupils via Fiona Thompson in the Emmaus Centre.

Between 11:00am – 11:30am pupils can ‘drop-in’ without an appointment for confidential support regarding any health issues or concerns that they may have. Support can be offered around health matters such as anxiety, stress, relationship issues, smoking and diet.

If you do not wish for your child to make an appointment with the nurse, please inform Fiona Thompson or Deborah Groome.