Students meet Holocaust Survivor

chaimfernsterOn Monday 14th March, Mr Tither, Miss Cox and our Chaplain Niall Hammond took thirty year nine students to visit the Manchester Jewish Museum. The purpose of this visit was so that the students could learn about the Holocaust and hear survivor’s stories. During this visit they were privileged to be spoken to by Chaim Ferster, a 93 year old Holocaust survivor who spent time in Auschwitz concentration camp. His testimony was thought provoking, emotional and enabled our students to gain an insight into such an existence.

Rebecca Corless commented, “I have learned about the Holocaust in school but I never thought that I would meet someone who had actually experienced these events. I was touched by what Chaim said but also shocked at the horrific stories which he spoke about.”

Jack Lunt reflected “I felt honoured to speak to someone who had survived so many concentration camps. The way Chaim spoke allowed me to really think about the impact that these events had on normal everyday people like us.”

I am sure that this experience will be one that our students will never forget. Today they have been talking about their experiences with Mrs Ryder-Smith. 

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