e-Safety at St Chad's

Protecting students’ means providing a safe learning environment by using appropriate monitoring and filtering to control what students can access while at school. But, this only protects them while they are on school premises. Education around e-safety is the only way to ensure that, wherever they are, they know how to stay safe online.

At St Chad’s Year 7 pupils complete work in Computer Science lessons to highlight including Online Behaviour, Protecting your online reputation, How to use social networking safely, Data security, Cybercrime (Computer Use Laws) and many other areas around E-Safety.
Our Acceptable Use Policy / Internet Safety policy is in place and all parents /pupils must agree to the terms before pupils are allowed to access the school network.  As a faith school E-safety is also built into our SMSC Morning Prayer programme.
There is also a reporting system in place called the Sharp System where pupils can report problems/issues they are having.

downloadPlease download the 'Pupil and Parent e-Safety Guide' which contains some information about how parents can keep their child safe on the Internet.

downloadPlease download the Social Media Code of Conduct, courtesy of the Halton Association of Secondary Headteachers.

 Advice for Parents


If you have any Internet Safety concerns, please have a look at the resources that we have collected from ThinkUKnow.  They cover topics such as online safety, grooming, and what to do if you think your child is viewing inappropriate materials.                             Download 
 If you are looking for advice on yours / your child's social media, please download these resources.   Download