Dear Parent/Carer,
St. Chad’s Catholic & Church of England High School are currently reviewing their attendance policy and practice.
Our school are working towards an attendance target of 97%. St. Chad’s promotes the link between attendance and attainment which in turn, as you will know, lead to choices in life and success in the future.
In order for students to reach this target of 97%, school will continue to closely monitor the attendance of all students and will be contacting parents/carers by letter, when attendance concerns arise.

Medical Evidence

One of the main changes will be that St. Chad’s are adopting a policy of requiring Medical Evidence for any student who has had 7 days, 14 sessions of illness this academic year. This can take the form of either an appointment card, prescription or proof of current prescribed medication.

In order to improve punctuality across the school, registers will close at 9.30am. Students who arrive after this time will be coded as ‘U’ (Unauthorised). Persistent lateness after the close of registers may be referred to the Local Authority for possible legal action.

Additionally, school will still be working closely with the Local Authority regarding any unauthorised absences which may result in the issue of penalty notices if the unauthorised absences persist.  Full details of all of the absence information will be available on the school website in the near future.  We look forward to your continued support.

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