Conservation and Fishing in Phoenix Park

aspireconservationOur Year 11 ASPIRE pathway students have just completed the annual conservation project at Phoenix Park. This involves cleaning and maintaining the fishing pond and the surrounding areas. The project was established two years ago in conjunction with Warrington Angling Club who are always supportive of our young people and allow them to take part in some fishing as a reward for their hard work.

The initiative has again been extremely successful this year and as always has allowed our students to gain a variety of new skills. As well as this it helps our ASPIRE students to gain an appreciation of the environment and feel a sense of connection to the local community.

The students worked enthusiastically and made a huge impact, removing many items from the water including bikes, trollies and fence panels. They also cleared litter and gardened the areas surrounding the pond to make them more enjoyable for the public and cleaner for the diverse array of wildlife which is present in the area. The students this year, even rebuilt one of the run down fishing pegs around the pond.
The ASPIRE staff team are extremely proud of the students and the way in which they embraced this challenge.

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