Chinese New Year Celebrations

chinesenewyear2017The annual Chinese New Year celebrations were very successful once again at St Chad’s. We started the festivities with our year group assemblies which were conducted by our Chinese teacher Mrs Kirkham who introduced the history and traditions of the Chinese New Year festival. The assemblies helped raise all students’ awareness of Chinese New Year.

During China week, the workshops were conducted by Mrs Kirkham and our visiting Hanban teachers, Miss Hou and Mr Meng. In the workshops, students participated in Chinese calligraphy, traditional paper cutting art and water painting. Our students learned to write their names in Chinese and how to write “Good Luck” with Chinese characters. Some students did the water painting of a panda which helped the students to experience these traditional Chinese art skills. Also, students enjoyed the paper cuttings representing the symbol for “Double Happiness”. The workshops were open to the entire school and everyone who participated really enjoyed themselves, getting involved with typical relish and enthusiasm.

Our China Week was very successful. Students at St Chad’s not only increased their own cultural awareness of China itself but it has also helped them understand the global dimension of the real world. The excellent Chinese New Year celebration activities were very popular and positively received by all.

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